Who am I?

It accrued to me that my web sight doesn't really tell you all that much about me. Tells you a bit about my children (I've put a bit of material about them if you know were to look). Sure I've placed a book on the sight and some poetry I've written but nothing that really says who I am. You may think you know me from that but any impressions you have of my work reflect more on who you are then who I am. Something that I wrote as a description may seem to have far deeper meaning to you. That's just the way poetry is. Into this folder I am putting a verity of things that readers may find interesting. Things that actually show a refection of who I am and how I think. First, my favorite writer seance I was 3 years old has been and continues to be Edgar Allan Poe. My thoughts on the poems Green is Gold by Robert Frost (may have the title wrong), Anabell Lee by Poe, Sea Lullaby, The Palmer by Sir Walter Scott, and maybe I'll add one or two more later. My thoughts on asthma, achieving Happiness, Amway having ample creative output and talking to God. Also, I've induced some asthma jokes, my Kearsly Personality type and some thoughts I have about the validity of scenario-based personality tests. I have added a link to NFO. This place gives you points for compleating surveys online as well as ones they send to your home (the snail mail serveies sometimes have cash in them) I love NFO and am trying to earn 170,000 points to get a notebook computer right now.